Clara Sieveking

Clara Sieveking

I am part of the LawCom.Institute because ...

... I am convinced that harmonious co-existence within society can only be achieved if citizens are kept aware of the mutual interplay between democracy and the rule of law – and if people like us become involved and take a stand. How else are we to deal with or prevent aberrations such as corruption, autocracies and illiberal democracies!


My professional focus is organisation and communication. At the LawCom.Institute I am in charge of project coordination.


During my degree course in Cultural Studies I saw myself increasingly drawn to the study of the development of societies on a broad and international scale. I invariably focussed on conflicts and confrontations within societies. What makes conflicts such a fascinating subject is that they can be both: driving forces and stumbling blocks. I am sure that with its unified approach, its visions, values and sense of mission the LawCom.Institute can make substantive contributions towards further structural development. For me the greatest good is the common good of society, on a structural level as well as in the health sector and the economy. This is where I would want to play my part at LawCom.

Curriculum vitae

Completion of the Bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies at Leuphana University Lüneburg
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