Dr. Ulrike Ehling

Dr. Ulrike Ehling

I am part of the LawCom.Institute because ...

... I am convinced that for any democracy to function properly and thrive, rule of law and the public realm must be an inseparable unit. With this in mind, each one of us should reach beyond our professional expertise and establish forums and platforms to facilitate a practice oriented ‘back to basics’ approach in developing new strategies for tackling tomorrow’s most urgent problems. I would like to play an active part in turning LawCom.Institute into one such platform.


At LawCom.Institute I am primarily in charge of two projects concerning the use of AI in administration and in small and medium sized companies. In close consultation with practitioners we develop proposals for establishing legal and institutional frameworks to safeguard the legality, profitability and social acceptability of e.g. machine learning technologies and algorithmic decision-making processes.


Make democracy succeed – this has always been my innermost concern and driving force. I am absolutely convinced: the two pillars supporting modern democracies are public discourse and rule of law. As we see liberal, open, diverse societies come under increasing pressure both from within and from the outside, it would appear more important than ever to safeguard these pillars and solidify and improve them even further. I worked on these and related issues first at university and later in various research and consulting environments. My aim has always been to face current challenges head-on (e.g. globalization, sustainability, digitization) particularly through participation and more democratic processes.

Curriculum vitae

Senior Research Associate – TMG Research – ThinkTank for Sustainability / Berlin
Programme Manager (“The Future of Democracy”) – The New Institute / Hamburg
Senior Consultant – Synchronis Konzept & Kommunikation GmbH / Hamburg
Research Associate – Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) / Potsdam
Ph.D in Political Science on Deliberative Global Governance
Research Associate – Collaborative Research Center Statehood in Transition / Bremen University; Chair on the Institutional Order of the European Union at the European University Viadrina / Frankfurt (Oder)
Diploma (Political Science) – Freie Universität Berlin / Otto Suhr-Institute
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