Linnéa Harting

Linnéa Harting

I am part of the LawCom.Institute because ...

...the goodness in people needs space to unfold and we contribute to a just and social world by participating in shaping these spaces. Giving democracy and the rule of law another voice helps us to see freedom in diversity and to give it stability in the face of constant change.


At LawCom.Institute, I am mainly working on developing a cooperation with selected African arbitration institutions and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. I am excited to be working as a team to create these kinds of new relationships and narratives.


I have always been fascinated by the colorfulness and diversity of communication, its potential to resolve conflicts, to promote tolerance of ambiguity, to create connection and empathy, and so the passion to fill this potential with life runs like a common thread through my CV. As a media consultant at ZEITVerlag, I was able to advise extramural research institutes on their science communication, research marketing and recruiting and help manage the international sales team, work on the strategic profile. At Bracenet, I was able to contribute to the strategic sharpening of the start-up's profile and at Synchronis I worked on the development of concept ideas. I am curious about the world, ready to help shape change and proud to bring in a female voice, to be a representative for active listening and open-mindedness.

Curriculum vitae

Media Consultant Wissenschaftsmarkt – ZEITVerlag Gerd Bucerius GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg
Junior Projectmanager – Bracenet Save the Seas. Wear a net GmbH, Hamburg
Trainee, Synchronis Konzept & Kommunikations GmbH, Hamburg
Bachelor of Arts: European Studies & History, University Osnabrück
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